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WASD+  Mobile shooting game master

Let mobile games operate like PC  | 89M | 2024-07-03 

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Mobile shooting game master

Let mobile games operate like PC | 89M | 2024-07-03

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WASD+ Tutorial

What is WASD+?

WASD+ is a tool to project the screen of the mobile phone to the computer and use the mouse and keyboard of the computer to control the mobile game. For mobile game players to bring almost PC-native gaming experience.

Will my account be banned when I play mobile games?2021-10-27T17:47:13+08:00

No, WASD+ is different from Clone Multi-opening or Virtual Machine, there is no account login and account ban issues. And the use of WASD+ leaves no traces in the phone and will not be ban.

Do WASD+ support Pubg mobile and Call of Duty mobile?2021-10-27T17:50:44+08:00

Supported. Pubg mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire and other shooting mobile games will be deeply adapted. Achieve similar to the performance of the native game. The current beta version will complete the Pubg mobile test, no matter what device you use, you can get a nice experience.

Does it support Gamepad?2021-10-27T17:51:47+08:00

Not currently supported, Gamepad will be supported in the future.

Is it possible to run WASD+ without a computer?2021-10-27T17:53:22+08:00

WASD+ is to play the game through mobile phone screen projection, so it cannot be separated from the computer environment for the time being.

However, this feature will be developed in the future. Of course, if you do not use a computer, there is no guarantee that it will match the touch screen players.

Does it only support Android phones?2021-10-27T17:54:32+08:00

Yes, only Android phones are currently supported. The iOS version will be scheduled to be developed in the future.

Can not find the mobile device?2021-10-29T13:57:47+08:00

WASD+ connection tutorial

1) Turn on android developer mode

WASD+ needs to use the developer mode to cast screens and simulate clicks.

Operation in Android phone: Settings -> Developer options -> USB debugging

If you can’t find [Developer Options], please do as follows:

VIVO, OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, others

2) Connect mobile phone and computer with data cable

Try to use the original data cable.

If connecting to the computer does not work, please change the data cable or change a different computer USB port.

3) Allow computer debugging

In the pop-up box of the mobile phone, please check [Allow USB debugging].

4) If the pop-up box of step 3 does not pop up, please change other connection methods

Please change to other connection methods such as: [File Transfer], [MTP], [Charge Only], etc.

[WASD+] Mouse and keyboard to play Pubg Mobile, play shooting mobile game on PC, Android mirror to PC and play games

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WASD+ is such a tool to bring Pubg Mobile back to the computer. WASD+ is different from emulators or other screencasting tools, and deeply customizes the game. Matching various usage scenarios, multiple sets of buttons can be switched quickly, realizing the experience of similar native computer games, and playing shooting mobile games on the computer.

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